- Longest Year Survival Kit Details –

The first round of The Longest Year Survival Kits SOLD OUT in just over a day! Due to the handmade nature of several items, the next batch of survival kits will not be ready to ship until early Feb 2022. You can pre order one now. Quantities will be limited, so if you want one, make sure to preorder early. 

***If you buy a preorder kit by midnight on Dec 3rd, you will receive in the mail a "this is your gift" card featuring a picture of the kit and estimated delivery date, which can be presented to a recipient if the survival kit is a gift.***



Hopefully, quarantine is over … but the days are getting darker and colder as we head towards that chilliest of seasons... so here are some things you might need to cozy up for a warmer, more introspective winter.

A whole lot of thought and heart and energy went into the planning and execution of these kits. Everything in these boxes is something that I personally oversaw/designed/created. My hope is that you are excited about them or are excited to buy one for a loved one. These survival kits are 2 fold – they are swag survival kits for you to have a warmer, more introspective winter, and they are also a support for me to continue to survive being an independent musician in the modern (streaming) world. This album happened so fast that I didn’t have time to do any crowdfunding, so purchase of a survival kit or any album or merch item helps towards recouping album costs. Much gratitude to all of you who attended the online shows and chipped in and helped keep me and so many other independent musicians going for the last year and a half.
Please note: Due to the hand-made aspect of many items, quantities are limited.

The following items are included in your longest year survival box:
Natural hand dyed handkerchief:
These forest themed hankies were hand dyed here in Portland using locally grown marigold and indigo to achieve a range of forest green tones. Color variation will occur and each hankie is unique in its own way, featuring the color story of the natural dying process. Big thanks to Sweet Honey Farmacy and Vibrant Valley Blue for making these beautiful hankies happen. (Hankies are 100% organic cotton. Tags are vegan ultra-suede and washable.)
Hand-made soy candle:
During quarantine I tried making soy candles so I decided to put that “skill” to use. All of these soy candles are hand poured by me, with lots of love, with a blend of wintery woodsy natural scents. While these candles create a very nice warm light, they have a low to medium scent throw. So no, don’t worry, I will not be quitting my day job to be a candle maker :)
The Longest Year cd:
Obviously we need some music for this introverted journey. I think I have just the thing :) This is my pandemic album. 5 new songs and 2 covers. This album-making-experience was largely a solitary one, which is fitting and just very real. The overall vibe of this collection of music is hopeful but grounded. I hope you find something in here that helps you through a tough time or any kind of time really.
The Longest Year mug:
Fill your cup with the warm stuff... tea, coffee, or whiskey. This is a 13 oz white speckled ceramic mug with the longest year logo and “Keep on and keep your head up”, a quote from the title song, The Longest Year. Campfire vibes, but ceramic instead of metal so you don’t burn your paws.
The Longest Year winter beanie:
Keep your noggin warm. I think these beanies are both comfy and good looking. Made of nylon. The Longest Year tags are hand sewn on and ultra-suede so this is 100% vegan and washable.
A Way Back to Yourself Journal:
A pretty good new year’s resolution is to spend more time journaling ...or drawing and doodling... or writing poetry or songs…. These journals are a really nice quality build and are made with recycled paper. They have dotted pages instead of lines for those free thinkers. The cover screen printed design features a quote from the song, The Longest Year: "There is a bridge right to the sun, there is always a way back to yourself."
Calendula Seed Packet:
From the garden of Chris Pureka. These generous and prolific yellow and orange blossoms keep me company almost all year long here in Portland. They are a very easy plant to grow and provide so much cheerfulness. I have an abundance of them in my front garden and I harvested these seeds this fall. (Please note that seeds cannot ship internationally so boxes shipped outside the USA will ship without the seed packet).
The main thing we need for survival, really, is our sweet, green and blue planet. $5 from every box sold will go to the nonprofit organization, The Nature Conservancy. Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has over one million members globally as of 2021, and has protected more than 119,000,000 acres (48,000,000 ha) of land and thousands of miles of rivers worldwide.
All boxes ship with a personalized thank you note from me.
Some important notes:
- Due to the hand-made aspect of many items, quantities are limited.
- Longest Year Survival Kit boxes will not be available at live shows at this time.
- Boxes can ship to other countries but boxes shipped outside of the USA will ship without the calendula seeds (sorry not allowed).
- None of these merch items are available a la carte at the moment, but some of them will be in the coming weeks and months.
- Beautiful forest illustrations by August Lamm.