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I have really enjoyed the chat feature at the live shows, and I have wished that I could interact with you more. And I have had several requests for special occasion type private zoom calls. So I am going to try these mini-concerts out on a limited basis. What this is and how it works: - A 30 minute Zoom hang with me, Chris Pureka. - Ideal format is: 3 songs intermixed with introductions, conversation, Q&A etc. - We can decide the songs together in advance or it can be an on the fly musician's choice. - The date and time will be a mutually agreed upon time in January or February 2021. I will send a zoom link for the agreed upon time. - A maximum of 6 people can "attend". Event is private. - Events may not be recorded or replayed. - Refunds or cancellations: Sales are final, but the dates are flexible. Once a date is settled on, you may reschedule once for no fee up to 2 weeks before the original set time. Rescheduling more than once, or less than 2 weeks before the event will incur a $100 fee. There is no rescheduling 48 hrs prior to the event.
- You will be contacted at the email address on the order within a week to discuss scheduling and details.

How is this different from the intimate zoom concerts? This mini-concert is private and on a date and time of your choice and you invite up to 5 people if you like, and the event lasts 30 min. The intimate zoom concert is not a private event. There will be 10 people in attendance and the events are on a pre-specified day/time, and last 75 min.

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