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This is a very intimate Zoom concert. There are only 12 tickets per show. The event will last 75 minutes. I have really enjoyed the chat feature at the live shows, and I am interested in exploring a more interactive format. Since this is over Zoom, your cameras will be on as well so we can all see each other and interact. The idea here is to have conversation, get to know each other a little...Q&A and requests and general time to enjoy everyone's company etc. Please note: Every person attending needs a ticket, even if you are sharing a computer. Dates: Saturday, March 13th @ 6pm pst/9pm eastern Sunday, March 14th @ 5pm pst/8pm eastern

How is this different from the mini-concert? Both events are interactive but this is not a private event. You will be meeting other people (show is limited to 12 people). This event is on the specified day and time, and lasts 75 min.
The mini-concert is private, on a date and time of your choice, you can invite up to 5 people, and the concert lasts 30 min.

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